Lying Labels: Finally Find Out What Your Food Labels Actually Mean (Or Don't Mean!)

As Americans, we have the amazingly skewed perception that our food system is meticulously regulated and well-labeled. With so many laws about home-processed foods, horror stories from health inspectors, and food labels covered in fine print and pretty farm scenery, we think we know for a fact that all of our food products must be well-controlled and defined. Unfortunately, marketing and economic loopholes create a cause for Americans to be ever-weary of what we believe we're purchasing from the grocery store shelves. Food labeling is perhaps the most deceptive component to our food system. An incredibly impactful statement I'd like you to remember is, “if it’s not on the ingredients list,

A Sense of Place: Why You Should Care Where Your Food Comes From

We all know that establishing a connection to where our food comes from is an important step towards increasing the sustainability of our food system. We have become accustomed to driving to a supermarket to purchase big brand items after seeing ads that tell us what to buy. We buy papayas from South America, strawberries from Mexico, and shrimp from India. We don’t think about this because we are more focused on the actual food we are buying and the recipes we are concocting in our heads using what is in our cart. Many consumers shop for nutrition, while others shop for the highest quality ingredients to make a special dinner. Others shop on a budget, stretching their food dollars to feed a

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