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I was a skinny dude (6'1" and 156 lbs) when I started working with Carly. The biggest help I needed was with nutrition. I had a hard time gaining weight because I wasn't eating enough.

Carly put together a meal plan with the right macros and took into account my special dietary needs. I had to eat way more food than I could ever imagine eating. Carly was available to help me break past my mental barriers and push through the discomfort.

Next, she got me on a weight training regimen to accelerate my results. After just a couple of months of being consistent, I added 10 lbs to my bodyweight and an average of 40% increase in strength.

Carly's balance of real talk and empathy makes her an effective coach. She is good at presenting options and making you aware of the consequences of doing (or not doing) what she suggests. She know's her stuff and as long as you do your part, you will see results, guaranteed!


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