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GLW Nutrition


I have one mission: to provide the nutrition information and best practices you need to make more informed decisions about living a healthier, more sustainable life- whatever that looks like to you.


I started GLW Nutrition after realizing the people closest to me were struggling to find credible nutrition information and resources in a sea of marketing ploys and social media "influencers." I know how hard it can be to decide where to start when so much conflicting information is out there! I wanted to create a space for my friends and family to go on their own time to learn about topics like sustainable food, proven nutrition concepts, and how our food system works - all areas extremely close to my heart and my own healthy lifestyle practices.


My 1:1 coaching, community workshops and group challenges are designed to help you build foundational habits that last a lifetime, avoiding fad diets, internet B.S. and old school myths.

My approach is to meet you where you are, with the skills you have.


Small steps lead to big changes in your health, your understanding of the food you eat, and how you can strive to be 1% better every day.

GLW Nutrition offers...


  • Completely Customized 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Virtually or in Houston

  • Community Workshops and Guest Lectures

  • Small Group Challenges & Class Series


I am a PN1 Certified Nutritionist located just north of Houston, Texas, working with dozens of clients across the country on their personal and team goals to become healthier and more sustainability-conscious.


Whether you're looking for a customized plan for overall wellness or weight loss, want to build muscle and change your physique, crave more nutrition in your diet, or just want to investigate where your food comes from, I'm glad you started here on your road to a more sustainable life.

Carly is a Godsend! I'm a independent contractor the works all over the country with no way to make a schedule, and don't get me started about my ability to eat healthy.... I'm talking truck stop food all the time... but Carly made it so unbelievably simple for me.


In about four months I dropped about forty pounds and that was basically just nutrition, no exercise. She knows her stuff to say the least! If you're serious about your health, I guarantee she'll help you achieve your goals.


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