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GLW Nutrition was designed as a starting point; a launch pad of information, general discussions and ideas to motivate you and get your mind set on long-term, sustainable health. For many people, this starts with a desire to improve their nutrition, their bodies, and their overall wellness. 

GLW Nutrition
Carly Olson, Certified Nutritionist
I'm Carly. Welcome to my lifestyle.

With over a decade of wellness and lifestyle coaching experience, I can help you establish realistic goals for your health and provide the guidance and accountability you need to make more nutritious and sustainable choices in day-to-day life.  For more than 10 years I have helped clients understand the benefits of living by sustainable principles and fueling their bodies with whole, healthy foods. I am a PN1 Certified Nutritionist with a background in Nutrition and Sustainable Food (M.S.). 

I'm so excited to share my experience and know-how to help shape the best version of you!

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It's all about you. No cookie cutter nutrition plans, automated emails, or office hours. You get the time and the one-on-one (or small group) coaching you pay for and expect. I work with my clients online, in person, or a combination of both tailored to your needs. 

You will understand the "why.Education is key to changing habits and your lifestyle. I will always explain the facts and the methodology behind nutrition suggestions and recommendations. 

You'll develop practices for a lifetime. I'll hold you accountable, provide the support you need, and together we'll improve your health, your impact on the environment and your outlook on our food system. Sometimes, just having someone there to support you makes all the difference!



  • In-person sessions, Zoom or exclusively online coaching available

  • Weekly check-ins or education calls on the topics of your choice, plus 24/7 email support

  • Recipes and whole-food shopping lists provided

  • Completely customized plans based on your unique goals (choosing healthier foods, changing your physique, weight loss, or living a "greener" lifestyle)


  • Create a challenge group with your friends, family or coworkers!

  • Group education sessions available on various topics such as Macro-Counting, Nutrition 101, Understanding our Food System, Sustainability 101, Weight Loss Challenges and How To Read Food Labels

  • Weekly group check-ins, online support group or weekly video calls, plus 24/7 email support

  • Recipes, nutrition guides and shopping lists provided


  • Single session, 4-week, 6-week or 8-week courses available

  • Curriculum tailored to the interests of your group or workplace

  • Challenge groups available for weight loss, healthy eating, creating green lifestyles, or tailored to your interests

  • Handouts and workbooks provided to the group on nutrition, sustainable practices, and other topics of interest


*GLW Nutrition does not provide certified Dietician services and does not provide advice on how to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness with food, exercise, medication or any other means. Curriculum is provided for education purposes only and should not be offered in place of healthcare services for your employees or staff. For full Disclaimer click here.


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What are people saying about GLW Nutrition and Sustainability Coaching?

Carly has made this whole process so comfortable! She's the first person to ever not make me feel like I can't do it if I end up having a fry here and there. This is actually working!

-Colleen C., (CT)

I began working with Carly almost 2 years ago.  I knew what I needed to do but struggled with understanding what to eat, how much to eat, and how often to eat.  Carly easily mapped all of that out.  I was able to take my meal plan and shop for the foods that I needed to get ready for the week ahead.  Once I was able to get into the routine of meal prep I was able to see immediate results.  Drinking the water I needed, detoxing my body, and getting moving again.  Carly was always there to offer the support that was needed during those tough days when I was looking for something sweet or was just having a bad day.  She offered up suggestions of alternative things to eat to satisfy a craving or was just there to offer her support.  Even when I may have had a bad day she was there to offer words of encouragement and helped overcome challenges that I faced during the processes.  I enjoy working with Carly as she holds me accountable, reminding of me as to why I am doing this, and that I CAN do this.  She tailors the plan to you and your needs and really takes the time to get to know you.  Carly is dedicated, passionate, and personally cares for your well being.  I highly recommend Carly to anyone who is ready to make a change for the better!

-Sarah R.,(MA)

This is first time in my life I've been this low [weight-wise]. It's not even dieting now. It's just making healthier decisions!

-Anon, (MA)