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Avoiding The Local Trap: Scale and Food Systems in Planning Research
By: Branden Born and Mark Purcell
Why we love it: Sustainability encompasses an incredible array of components. This article explains why eating "local" is not all it's cracked up to be and why locality of production shouldn't be the only thing to be concerned about when choosing to live sustainably.

Fair Food: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All
 By: Oran B. Hesterman
Why we love it: This book covers everything! Food policy, access to healthy food, urban agriculture, and what needs to change in our food system to make it sustainable for ourselves, and future generations.

Farms With A Future: Creating and Growing a Sustainable Farm Business
By: Rebecca Thistlethwaite
Why we love it: It's everything you need to start your own farm, agricultural business, or understand the economics of the farmer mentality.


It Starts with Food

By: Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

Why we love it: This book is the slap up side the head that so many people need to come to terms with their psychological (often unhealthy) relationship with food. The book talks about how specific common foods may be having a negative affect on how you look, feel, sleep and think, in ways you would never think to associate with your diet. Our GLW Nutrition coaches use many of these ideas in their coaching methods based on whole-food nutrition.

Life Place: Bioregional Thought and Practice
By: Robert L. Thayer
Why we love it: Thayer gives a comprehensive and easy-to-read introduction to the concept of a bioregion. To understand local food, sustainable food, and even establishing a connection with your food and place of production, this is a must read!

Meat: A Benign Extravagance
By: Simon Fairlie
Why we love it: Whether you're a vegetarian or a bacon-crazed carnivore, this book covers both sides of spectrum and explains why meat and animal products could be harming, or sustaining our contemporary food system.

The Mind-Gut Connection

By: Emeran Mayer, MD

Why we love it: Ever feel depressed, anxious or fatigued? Do you struggle with digestive problems, food allergies or weight gain? It may not be all in your head, it may be all in your gut. This book dives deep into the science behind how keeping the microbes in our guts healthy can keep the rest of our body healthy too.


Salt, Sugar, Fat

By: Michael Moss

Why we love it: This book uses first-hand encounters and thoroughly backed research to support our belief of the critical importance of reading your food labels! Find out how processed food conglomerates have gotten us literally addicted to the salt, sugar and fat in our processed foods. 


Slow Food Nation: Why Our Food Should Be Good, Clean and Fair
By: Carlo Petrini
Why we love it: Hear about the Slow Food Movement straight from Italian founder Carlo Petrini. Learn about the long-lost concepts of connecting to farmers who produce our food, slowing down our lives, sharing a meal, and eating locally and sustainably.

Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit
By: Barry Estabrook
Why we love it: This book is such an easy read, you won't even realize how much you're learning about our food system! It covers the secret world of U.S. industrial tomato farms: pesticides, workers' rights, migrant labor, and what exactly you're supporting in the system when you buy out-of-season.

100 Million Years of Food: What Our Ancestors Ate and Why It Matters Today

By: Stephen Le

Why we love it: Join Mr. Le as he walks you through his own personal cultural encounters with meat, seafood, and even why we should and should not eat insects as a major protein source. Gain some insight into how we have evolved to crave fats, the taboos against fish, and why certain trends in our mainstream diet are... well... trends.

Online Resources

Understanding Food Labels

We wrote a very detailed blog defining common food labels and certifications associated with health and sustainability. Head to our blog and comb through the clickable links for more information and food labeling resources. 


The Environmental Working Group

Browse these databases of hundreds of thousands of beauty, household, personal care, and grocery items for your home and family. Each guide contains top rated products to help you avoid chemicals, toxins and unwanted ingredients in your food and consumer goods.


The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch

Provides information and recommendations to help you choose seafood that's fished or farmed in ways that have less impact on the environment. Type in your favorite seafood to receive recommendations on specific varieties that are better for your health and the ecosystem.


The Natural Resources Defense Council’s Smart Seafood Buying Guide

Discusses facts and concerns to consider when buying your favorite seafood. The guide also features a mercury content chart to help you avoid unwanted neurotoxins in your seafood.


PubMed’s Nutrition Research Articles

Anything you could ever want to know about the scientific nature of food and nutrition can be found in PubMed’s library. Browse these scientifically backed case studies, articles, tutorials, guides and medical queries, and subscribe to their newsletter to stay informed.


Start Your Own Home Garden Guide

My friend Chip reached out to me to offer GLW members this incredible guide for starting your very own home garden. What better way to know where your food comes from than to grow it yourself? This free resource contains everything you could ever need to know about growing local, sustainable, healthy food.


Training and Sports Nutrition Research Articles

I don’t usually recommend other blogs as resources, however Dr. Layne Norton and his team offer the most credible breakdown of relevant, easy to understand information around sports nutrition and fitness training to help you understand-- not just meet-- your goals.



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