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Nutrition consultations and sustainable food education to give you the foundation you need for a healthier life.

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Stop looking for shortcuts with packaged foods, powdered supplements and "influencer programs" that treat everyone the same!

It's time to learn enjoyable and sustainable practices from a certified professional for better nutrition that fits easily into your everyday life.

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A Master's Degree, Certified Nutritionist and Nutrition Coach credentials, many volunteer roles, and more than 10 years in the Nutrition and Food Industries have taught me a lot, but I'm still learning right along with you!


If you're hungry for food,

get to the kitchen.

If you're hungry for more knowledge about our food system, check out these amazing resources that I use and love.


What else should I be watching, reading or learning about?


GLW Nutrition offers customized plans to help get you on the right track to leading a healthier, and more

sustainability-conscious life.


Whether you need a complete diet makeover, or just some new ideas for smaller steps to incorporate into your  every day routine,

let me use my experience 

to be your go-to

for the information you crave.


The thing about embracing healthy, sustainable food, is that it is a collective effort

in the most sincere sense.

I love hearing about what others are doing to pioneer efforts towards equitable, accessible and engaging nutrition, and would love to work with you!

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