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customized nutrition plans for weight loss, muscle gain, and an effortless healthy lifestyle

"Fad free, no B.S." helping you gain confidence, strengthen your mindset, and become the person you've always wanted to be. 

Online nutrition coach Carly displays delicious, healthy meal prep options as one of her services.

ACCOUNTABILITY, customization, Results.

Fully customized meal plans, personal training, and nutrition coaching to accommodate any eating lifestyles or dietary restrictions.

time-saving meal prep recipes for easy, healthy meals every day of the week!

The beautiful cover of GLW Nurition's best-selling e-book, Meal Prep Made Easy - available on the SHOP page.

build a better mindset

Around here, we believe that discipline to choose better nutrition is a learned behavior - one we're more than happy to coach you on!

That means that to us, your mindset around food is just as important as the actions you put into your lifestyle and fitness.

GLW Nutrition programs place intentional emphasis on helping you sift through the "B.S." of fad diets, societal standards, and your go-to excuses.

In short - we're here to smash bad habits and create the ones you need to succeed.

meal PLANS that work for you

surround yourself with success

While some may find success sticking to the same menu every day, others may require a more flexible plan that works better for busy travel or family schedules.


GLW Nutrition offers truly personalized nutrition plans that take into account your individual needs, schedule, and the time you have available to prepare for your week.


Our thorough intake process makes sure we understand you as our unique client - including knowing your favorite meals, the foods your cringe at, and the ways you like to move.

Reaching your health and nutrition goals is way more fun when you have your friends and community along for the ride.

GLW Nutrition creates curriculum for community workshops, students, group challenges, and corporate wellness programs to help your tribe become your very best.

We can design a customized program for your group including health and fitness goals, meals plans with shared recipe guides, and even build you your own private online community to hold each other accountable.

Healthy Lunch
"After a few months of piecing together advice from different “health coaches,” I reached out to Carly for a more solid direction. She helped me work out a plan using what was already working for me, and pushing me to try some new things that made a HUGE difference."

Emelie S.

How much does a nutritionist cost?

If you've already spent money on the bars, the shakes, the pills, and the failed fad diets, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable an investment in sustainable results can be!



We've got a reputation as one of the best nutritionists in the state of Texas.

Not local? No problem. We've got free online nutrition coaching coming straight to your inbox every month so you can try us out. Drop your email below and let's get started.

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